Home and Aims of the Branch

The Exeter Branch of the Historical Association aims to link three elements: schools, the community or communities, and the academy (universities), with the purpose of advancing and enhancing the study and enjoyment of history. A talk whether given in a face-to-face setting or electronically will always be followed by a Q&A session which should include the possibility of discussion and debate. This website will aim to provide summaries and updates which will both help schools and be of interest to the community. The Branch intends to work in close co-operation with the Historical Association itself, and encourage membership, as well as new readers for the Historical Association’s journals: Primary History, Teaching History and The Historian. See the HA’s own website for details of membership, and other associated benefits: https: //www.history.org.uk/ The Branch is interested in extending its activities to encourage local history projects involving collaboration between primary schools and communities. It will seek to start a local history experiment in the Exe Valley region.